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  • Dehann Fourie

The NavAbility IEEE ICRA2022 Tutorials

We’re excited to announce the NavAbility tutorials, which demonstrate how real-world robot navigation challenges (like false loop-closures and distributing computations) are addressed using the platform.

The tutorials are available as online Binder notebooks, short videos, and a GitHub repository that you can pull down if you want to run the examples locally. For the moment they are available in Python and Julia but we expect to release the Javascript versions soon!

The tutorials are designed to be:

  • Zero-footprint examples that should take about 15 minutes to take you from problem definition to results and analysis

  1. Easily run in a browser in a JupyterHub Notebook but feel free to pull the code to your local machine

  2. Quickly digested with our accompanying YouTube videos

  3. Open to everyone without logins – all tutorials will always be available and can be run at any time using our guest account

Note: The cloud solving is done with a community-level version of our solver, so they may take a few moments to run. Reach out to us either by email or on Slack if you’d prefer to use a high-performance solver.

We’ll continue to grow the library of tutorials in the coming months. If you have any questions or suggestions please reach out to us at


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